About Us

We all have different opinions on the same topic. The Arsenal defensive line in 1991? Is marzipan wrong? Is it wise to do that, even though it might make you go blind? What is a Jimmy Carr?

This is the blog which gives it to you straight. Twice. Both barrels. From her perspective and from his.

Neither of us are right, obviously. Neither of us are correct. Neither of us are Yoda. But it’s what we think about the things that go on in Life, and somewhere along the way it might provoke debate, thought, and raise a laugh or two. Neither of us are right, but neither are we wrong. Yeah, that’s a Rubick’s Cube for you right there. Work that one out and stay fashionable.

There may be some swearing so we warn thee now.

So. Posts on topics from him and me, and her and him. That’s how this train’s gonna roll. Care to hop onboard?


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