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She says, by @pols80:



I’ve never been a morning person, and since having three children it’s only gotten worse. From the moment the alarm goes off in the morning, chaos reigns. Those two hours fly by in a flurry of lost shoes, missing homework and the inevitable toothpaste stains on clean uniforms (and that’s just me). Mr Pols does most of the hard graft in the morning to give me a chance to get ready for work. I always sit with the children and have breakfast though, and that fifteen minutes of chat with them is lovely. Alexa typically ends up wearing most of her breakfast, but she looks pretty darned sweet while she does it. Thankfully, clearing up the carnage is daddy’s job…

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He says, by @adadcalledspen:

When I’m with the children this is how we do mornings.

T wakes up first and RUNS into my bed. I’m always awake but I feign sleepiness. Which makes him laugh which then wakes K  up who comes in too. We have a cuddle and a natter and then go down for breakfast. It’s a great start to any day.

Despite what some may think I’m not a morning person at all. If I wake up in the morning then, okay, I’m usually in a good mood but that’s only because I HAVE actually woken up alive and not woken up dead, and so that’s a good start to any day. Basically I wake up each morning and go ‘Phew!’ and then get on with it.

But when I wake up and see these two faces then… well. I can’t help but smile and be thankful for the life I have, and for the mornings that we share together.

Unless it’s 5am, in which case, back off to bed you fuck kids.

I’m joking of course.




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