About being grumpy


She says, by @pols80:

I quite like being grumpy. Is that weird? That’s okay, I quite like being weird too.

Grumpy. It’s different from angry, I think. There’s no red mist with grumpy. No fury. Angry involves outbursts and shouting and rage and steam coming from your ears. Sometimes it involves broken crockery and, in extreme cases only, deleting the perpetrator from Facebook. The latter shows the you really mean business, obviously.

Grumpy is more sulky and tetchy. Grumpy involves furrowed brows and short answers and, if you’re me, a sudden but mild dislike of everything and everyone. Often, grumpy doesn’t have a reason, it just *is*. When I’m grumpy and hungry, no food is ever the right food. When I’m grumpy and tired, I can’t find a comfy position in bed. When I’m grumpy and hormonal… Well, good luck with that.

Despite all of those things, I do enjoy a good grump. Being crotchety can actually be an oddly pleasant experience. There’s something liberating about being huffily proclaiming “I’m in a BAD MOOD”. I  rather enjoy flouncing around the house, liberally punctuating my sentences with dramatic sighs. Plus, I can be mean – sorry, HONEST – to people on the basis that I have already forewarned them of my grump and therefore offered an implied advance apology.

Grumpy doesn’t really happen at work, though. Nope, I have to be Sparkly Pols At work. Usually I’m quite fond of Sparkly Pols but when Grumpy Pols is screaming to get out, the sheer effort of being sparkly is enough to ensure that the ensuing grump lasts all evening. I know, isn’t Mr Pols a lucky, lucky guy?

So, yeah, grumpy. Like most of the best things in life, it’s fine in moderation.


He says, by @adadcalledspen:

I am currently grumpy. In a state of grump. Grumpified. Grumping. Grumpy.

Why? A few reasons. I’m cold and had a bad night’s sleep. I’ve put a jumper on, as per Dav Cam’s advice, but doing so has made me grumpy. Because he’s a cock. And I hate taking advice from cocks. Especially knitwear-based ones.

I have a sniffle, which might be with me until I die. I had a cold a few weeks back and it moved on nicely, but yesterday I just felt wiped out, and did nothing except for doze. Which makes me grumpy today because I did nothing yesterday and couldn’t sleep last night as I’d dozed all day.

And being in this current state of grumpy is unsettling as, let’s face it, it could go from grumpy to angry if the right buttons are pushed. Or the wrong buttons, depending on your point of view. Depending on how brave people around me are. I would suggest they not be brave. Don’t push your luck.

But at least I’m feeling grumpy. So I can’t really complain too much. If I was feeling nothing then I’d be worried. I had moments when I felt depressed, where stuff would happen and I wouldn’t feel anything. Nothing would make me angry, nothing would make me happy. Nothing would make me miffed, pissed off, happy, jubilant, smiley, frowny or grumpy. Sometimes that feeling of depression can just wipe everything away. So I’m glad I’m not there any more.

So. Hang on. What’s this? A sudden realisation of something. I’m feeling grumpy and not just nothing. This is good. I think my grumpy has just gone down a notch. Be thankful for small mercies I guess.

A friend of mine is going through some crappy crap just now and that’s made me a bit grumpy today as it’s not needed for them. But I know this friend will sort it, and I’ll always be a sounding board. I may not be able to actually help but by listening perhaps I can be of some aid. Plus they know I’ll always help dig a shallow grave if needed. I know things will sort out for them, it’s just someone being a dick. Things will sort and thinking this and knowing that they will, my grumpiness has gone down a bit. And now I’m smiling. Kinda. Ish.

I’ve been grumpy because I’ve not been able to blog or write anything. Seems like a bit of my head has been replaced by cotton wool. Or snot perhaps, bearing in mind this potentially life-ending sniffle I have. I’m not being melodramatic when I say it’s life-ending. I can imagine it’s so irritating to those around me, when I’m in public, that they might want to kill me with death if I sniff one more time. In fact a kind lady just offered me a tissue as a way of saying ‘Shut the fuck up.’ And this made me smile and…

Ach. Look. I’m writing this about being grumpy and now my grumpydom has gone down to below 50% of what it was before. Grumpy has now been reduced to grum. Or gru even.

I’m an emotional person. Anyone who knows me will say ‘Spencer. Really? Tell us something we don’t already know you grumpy faced arse’ and then stab me in the face for stating the obvious. I have a grumpy face. I glower and frown even when I don’t mean to. I’m just built that way.

The Boss was grumpy yesterday. She stated she was grumpy and really, really grumpy at that because a cardigan had been lost at HQ, children weren’t doing as told and… well it was Monday and just after 7am.

To be honest, and I mean this in a loving and caring way, I didn’t notice the difference between yesterday morning and any other morning. This is not to say that The Boss is always grumpy, although I realise that it probably sounds like that and I’m now very very single indeed, having just been pushed out of the Dumped tree and hitting every branch on the way down. But what I mean is that she wasn’t as grumpy as she thought she was. She didn’t appear as grumpified as she thought she was in her head. I realise that probably doesn’t come across well either as it probably indicates she’s losing her touch. I’ll shurrup now…

But for me, in general, grumpy doesn’t last long. I am very thankful for a lot of things in my life so I should quit moaning and think about the good things.

Grumpy now gone. Replaced by a smiling me thinking about baked camembert. And now I’m REALLY smiling.


Thanks for reading. Grumpy. What makes you grumpy? Has anything made you grumpy recently, or are you one of those frightening positive types who generally smile a lot. Please leave your comments in our comments portal. Or we’ll get grumpy.


8 thoughts on “About being grumpy

  1. See and I thought it was just me who was grumpy. Apart from the vertically challenged bloke who lives with 6 of his friends and a much taller lady. Thanks for this. I don’t feel so bad about grumpiness now. And yes, you’re right – everything in moderation.

    I hate to say this but you’ve really cheered me up. What’s that going to do for my grumpy image?????

  2. I come across really happy and smiley I’m nice but I’m a grump! I do smile but I prefer not to exercise my face too much and too pointlessly so I tend to look more grumpy than I am.. Hehe Things that make me grumpy? You don’t have long enough to hear it all!

  3. I love Gru, anyway I digress. I don’t think I do grumpy (well apart from every month, but that doesn’t count). But yeh I’m an angry person – maybe I should work on being grumpy!

    Fab post both of you.

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