Monday Melodies


We’re joining in a linky set up by the wonderful @kim_chyna – anyone up for a Monday Melody?

She says, by @pols80:

Yes I know it’s cheesy, but I’m not ashamed. Who doesn’t love a bit of fromage on a Monday? I chose this song for a few reasons…

Firstly, I love it.

Secondly, it brings back great memories. When I was 11, I went to my first ever gig. It was Take That (be still, my beating heart) supported by these guys, and it was BRILLIANT.

Thirdly, it is (as I write this anyway) Monday morning and quite frankly the only way things can go from here is up. I’ve got a mountain of assorted work stuff to do, I’m about 11 days behind on NaNoWriMo, the baby still thinks 5am is a reasonable time to rise in the morning, my eyebrows are in desperate need of some tweezer-related attention and there is no coffee. If things don’t get better from this current position of Monday Morning Misery, then we might as well all just give up.

Fourthly, and finally, Mr Pols and I had amazing fun dancing to this at a party on Saturday night. I love dancing, and dancing with Mr Pols is the best kind.

Enjoy this serving of aural deliciousness!


He says, by @adadcalledspen:

I’m cool and so is my taste in music.

I’m so not, and it SO isn’t.

But, this song has been in my head since 6.45 this morning. And in a very good way. It heralded ‘wake up and do Monday’ and so I did, relentlessly cheerfully, which meant I got a look. Yeah, THAT look. But something makes me think I’m not gonna look forward to hearing it so much tomorrow morning.

Anyhoo, this was today’s alarm clock and I hope you enjoy it as it’s a belter.


Thanks for reading and pop on over to @kim_chyna at Living with Mr M & Les Enfants ‘cos she loves a Monday Melody. She started this linky a few weeks back and it’s a good ‘un. What’s your Monday Melody?

Living with Mr M & Les Enfants

2 thoughts on “Monday Melodies

  1. Les Fleurs by 4Hero (look, I know it was Minnie Riperton originally but I like the cover). Had it on my headphones blaring out marching along the corridors and platforms yesterday so work up singing it in my head.

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