About movies. A guest post by @helloitsgemma and @nolanzebra3


So for this post about movies it’s time to hand the blog over to two veritable titans of movie-buffdom. @helloitsgemma and @nolanzebra3. Both have probably forgotten more about film than we know and so, without further ado or words lets hand you over to them. Thank you to both for finding the time to write for us.

She says by @helloitsgemma:

For me a film is something you can get completely lost in, stories all laid out, like a Technicolor feast for the senses. That said, while sometimes it’s wonderful to have it all spread simply before you. A good film should provoke thought and conversation together with emotion and joy.

At this point, I have to admit  I am the Jason Bourne of film. I’m not someone who can memorize chunks of dialog, I often forget plots, and can easily sit through much of a film I’ve seen once, as if seeing for the first time.

Top 3 Worst Films

Why waste time on a bad films? I try to do my research to avoid movie disasters. I only have so long to live thus it is better to have a strict criteria and not divert from it.

Anything with Tom Cruise. The Last Samurai being stand out. It was one of those evenings where I thought the other person was enjoying it and so I politely watched, 45 minutes wasted. It is good to voice concerns early.

Jason Statham films. OK, I can’t actually name a Jason Statham film but my understanding is that they are Hollywood action, fast cars, thin plots and fighting. None of which floats my boat.

Planes. A recent Disney Pixar offering and the perfect example of not doing your homework. Dull and obvious. Everyone else knew it was bad.

Top 3

Soooo hard.

The dark world of a gangster film; The Godfather, Goodfellas. If I had to pick one.  It’s not exactly dark but I have to go with Bugsy Malone. I never tire of this film, the details that make it a pastiche of gangster films, the children playing adults in a way that keeps them firmly as children, yet mimics adults so perfectly.  Great songs and the best ending. ever. fact.

One Fine Day. George Clooney Michelle Pfeiffer. It’s not deep, it’s not meaningful. From the moment it begins the ending is completely obvious and that is the perfect RomCom. Switch off your brain. Chocolate, a blanket, wine and a romcom.  An indulgent pleasure.

Surfwise. You haven’t seen Surfwise? Really? Hunt it down. It’s a documentary about a father who took his family of 10 out of school, popped them in a van and they all went surfing. All day everyday. Some of them went on to be surf champions.  Idyllic huh?  Here is the point at which the needle scratches across  the vinyl. This is a film that requires at least the length of the film again to debate it.


He says by @nolanzebra3:


The delightful Spencer invited me tae write some words and stuff aboot films, and why they mean so much tae me. So, here we go…

As far back as I can remember I always wanted tae be a film fan (wee reference fir the gangster film fans oot there)

I grew up in a wee toon 30 miles away fae Glasgow, a lovely wee place, but it was ALWAYS raining. So, I watched hunners of films.

My Da’s a big film fan so I can remember sitting oan the arm of his chair watching John Wayne righting wrongs in countless westerns, and stiff upper lipped Brits ‘giving the Hun a right good pasting’ in black and white war films.

It was my Da that took me tae the pictures fir the first time, we saw SINBAD AND THE EYE OF THE TIGER. Mystery! Adventure! Swords and sand! No’ forgetting Ray Harryhausen’s wonderful special effects. I was hooked! Back the next week tae see BAMBI (of course I cried) and I’ve been a regular cinema goer and film addict since. Now I’m a Da, I love taking my wee lassie tae see films (she’s 6) first thing I took her tae see was The Muppets. I love The Muppets anyway, but man, seeing the pure joy in her face (I spend as much time watching her reaction as watching the film) was just magical. Just like her Da, she was hooked. Which has meant me sitting through such cinematic delights as Tinkerbell and The Secret Of The Wings.

I also see the availability of home video fir the first time when I was a wee guy as huving a massive impact oan my love fir film. Ye could rent a film oot a video shop (Betamax in oor hoose) and watch it at hame! AMAZING! Ye didnae huv tae wait till Christmas tae see big films any mair. Even better, ye could tape films aff the telly and watch them pure hunners of times! Mind blowing stuff in 1981.

The local video shop became my haunt, so much so my mate and I ‘helped oot’ so we could get free rentals and posters. Hunting fir films fae ‘Palace Pictures’ and Troma Studios’ (I still dae the same but now its Warp Films and Astron 6).  Visting my big cousins and watching ‘video nasties’ at far too young an age didnae dae me any harm (well, no’ much anyway) All of this turned me intae the film fan that’s sitting writing aboot films at 12.55am oan a Thursday morning. OBSESSED. (by the way if yir a fan of the era of straight tae video films I recommend ye seek oot MANBORG, a brilliant low budget film that captures that genre perfectly)

So enough trips doon memory lane, films I like or dislike? Right, I’ll start wi films I dislike. Jeezo, where tae begin, I’ve seen some terrible films over the years, but none that stick oot as the worst. Most film fans are surprised when I say I don’t like Heat, Scarface or Blade Runner though, they aren’t the worst films I’ve ever seen (by a long way) but I just never ‘connected’ wi them. Now I’m thinking aboot it though, I canny stand Forrest Gump, it’s mawkish, sugar coated rubbish.

Now, three of my favourite films?

My favourite films aren’t the same oan a daily basis, depends oan my mood really but three of the films I really love are…


Nobody has seen this, and I don’t know why. It’s got Keifer Sutherland, Robert Downey jnr, Bruce Dern AND Winona(Lovely Winona) Ryder in it! As ye can probably guess fae the title it’s set in the late 60’s (funnily enough it’s ’69) Scott and Ralph (Sutherland and RDJ) are college students fae a small toon, trying tae avoid the draft, and generally being ‘hippies’ It came oot when I was 15, and just kinda struck a chord wi me, and I fell in love wi it. Aye, it’s predictable, clichéd and a bit cheesy, but I DON’T CARE! I love this film. You might too.

Now I try and decide between ‘Dirty Harry’ and ‘The Wizard Of Oz’. I can’t, so they are both going in my list, because I’m a renegade.

I’m a sucker fir a cop film/tv show, and Dirty Harry is one of the best. Everyone knows how cool Eastwood is, but it’s Andy Robinson as ‘Scorpio’in a truly frighteningly unhinged performance that takes it tae a whole new level. He’s terrifying. The scene oan the school bus scared me so much I still can’t hear someone sing ‘Row Your Boat’ wi oot shuddering. Whit dae I need tae say aboot The Wizard Of Oz? Nothing much. It’s a masterpiece. I know it. You know it. Simply one of the greatest films ever made. Joyous.

The final film I’m gonna chose could be anything fae The Odd Couple, The Evil Dead, Jaws, Kill List or Grease tae The Big Sleep, but I’m gonna choose ‘FLETCH’. Aye, FLETCH, the Chevy Chase film fae 1985. It’s AMAZING! Chase has never been better, the patter is tremendous, it nails the comedy/thriller thing perfectly. OK, it’s never gonna win any awards, or get voted intae a top films list, but fir me, it’s why I love cinema. It makes me smile! That’s the joy of films.

Cheers fir reading my nonsense!

Be well.


Thanks again to both @helloitsgemma and @nolanzebra3 for their brilliant posts.

What are your favourite and least favourite movies? And are you a cinema person or happier to watch them at home on the comfort of your own sofa without someone shoving past your legs every few minutes to go for a slash? Please let us know which movies you love or hate in the comments section and if you want to read more from our guest contributors, and I suggest you do as they’re aces, then you can find their blogs here:

Hello it’s Gemma

NolanZebra3 Movie Reviews


3 thoughts on “About movies. A guest post by @helloitsgemma and @nolanzebra3

  1. Ha! I feel so justified in struggling to whittle it down to 3 only. Maybe it should have been a top 10 best?
    thank you so much for including me, am still in awe of the indepth knowledge of Nolan Zebra.

  2. Some interesting choices in there! I’d argue about the Tom Cruise thing – fair enough 90% (ok, 95%) of his stuff is distinctly average, but he’s had some corkers too – Rain Main, Collateral & Risky Business to name but a few.

    Surfwise sounds ace. It’s got me thinking about my own top/bottom 3…

  3. I love going to the cinema, but as I’m easily pleased I don’t mind watching a movie or two at home with a packet of Butterkist Cinema Sweet popcorn and a tub of pralines n cream Haagen Dazs either.
    I’m in love with films period, and I am especially partial to an old flick, such as Hello Dolly, Seven brothers for seven brides & Imitation of Life. But I love pretty women & Get the Gringo too and just like the beat, the list goes on. Like Gemma said it would be great if it was a top 10 as they’re just too many wonderful choices.
    Films I don’t like so much: Tremors, Jack and Jill, The water babies!
    I’m on the same page as Nolan when he said ‘it all depends how I feel on the day’ to what I like best.
    Great post! xx 🙂

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