About hated foods


She says, by @mammapolitico

As soon as this blog topic was suggested, an image came into my head. An image of me aged five years old. I’m sat at a small dining table in a huge dining hall, at my Primary School. Sat next to me Mrs Jack, a teacher, looking smug, impatient, constantly checking her watch. In front of me a plate with something indescribably awful laid out next to a pile of limp lettuce and grated carrot. I still remember Mrs Jack’s determined voice telling me that I was not leaving the dining room until I had eaten at least a quarter of the hideous cold Ox tongue that was the centre piece of my dinner plate. I remember cutting into the meat and thinking – this is a TONGUE! Try as a might, chew as I might, there was no way that tongue was going down my throat! There was one attempt and one attempt only to swallow – I left the dining room pretty swiftly soon afterwards, leaving the now not so smug teacher to clean up.

The second food I hate is Kippers. I hate everything about them. The way they look. The colour, the smell, the texture. I’ve only ever tried them once – never again. My parents  sometimes used to have them grilled for breakfast. In the rush to get out for school, I’d put bread down on the same grill to toast it, without washing the grill pan first. Let me tell you -Kipper flavoured toast with Marmite is a food sent straight from hell.

My next most hated food is Stilton. A cheese I cannot understand. Every Christmas in particular, out would come the Cheese board after the Christmas dinner and there it would be. A lump of mouldy cheese. Why would anyone eat something that is mouldy? Aren’t we supposed to avoid mouldy stuff ? Then again I am no cheese connoisseur – I like Dairy Lee Slices myself!

Last, but not least, I bring you a tale of seaside food trauma. We used to regularly holiday in North Yorkshire when I was a child. Whitby was a favourite destination and the last afternoon of each holiday had a ritual of going to buy something yummy for tea.

Erm – no.

Picking a live crab from the harbour side stall, watching it be stunned and then watching my dad rummage inside it looking for the ‘Dead Man’s Fingers’ was to me, in no way yummy. Being told that if you accidentally ate the “ Dead Man’s Fingers you would be poisoned did nothing to change my opinion that fresh crab is one of the least yummiest foods of all.

I’m sure as time passes I’ll find other foods to fill my food nightmares but for now these four food horrors take the biscuit.


He says, by @ADadCalledSpen

There’s only one thing I won’t put in my mouthbox. Aniseed.

I hate aniseed.

And a possible reason why I cannot abide aniseed was explained to me once by a world respected scientist. My ex-wife.

Here comes the science bit. *Dons white coat and specs*

You see, we have taste receptors and one can have too many taste receptors for certain things. It’s genetics. And so I have too many of these bad boys for the anise and all that shizzle, which means it becomes an overpowering and unbearable taste for me. Apparently. I think I remember this correctly and there’s more information here on this sort of thing.

So when you don’t like something, actually, you might not actually like it because your genetics define this. So, if you need an excuse to get out of eating something horrid you can use this. You’re welcome.

As for the rest of the foods. I’m game if you are. I have an open mind to everything in Life, and food is something I take great joy from. Cooking and eating. And I’ll eat anything. Okay, so some things are a little less pleasant than others. Coconut for example makes me sneeze. I don’t get marzipan. But I’ll have a nibble and a lick of anything if it looks nice.

Stop sniggering at the back, I know it’s you. It’s ALWAYS you.

So I’m not scarred by mental trauma of being force-fed certain things as a child. My mum was an atrocious cook, so I did most of that growing up. Recently my mum told me she didn’t know how to boil and egg so it’s a good job I did the cooking otherwise I might not be here writing this now. My gran was an amazing cook and so whatever she cooked I ate and I loved helping her prepare meals.

Hated foods. Just aniseed for me. So, the liquorice and aniseed balls you can keep. Okay, so I admit it. I have done the odd shot or two, or 8, of Flaming Sambuca, and the hangover the next day is purely caused by the aniseed. This is the effect it has on me. And I know denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, but this is a fact. Caused by me having too many of those taste receptor thingies.

So, what’s the skinny with you? Which foods do you hate and why? A kilo of aniseed balls goes to the person with the best comment.

Oh, and thanks for reading. 🙂


Which foodstuffs make you go VOM instead of NOM. A phrase borrowed from @BigFashionista whose wicked skills blog is here. Please let us know what doesn’t float your boat.


14 thoughts on “About hated foods

  1. Oh I’m so with you on the Aniseed Urgh it’s disgusting. One weird thing tuna. Now tuna chunks in a tin is my thing I love it but give me that tuna flake crap and I’m gone I don’t know what it is that’s so different it’s just flaked!? It’s gross any how.
    I think bacon is gross too but that may be controversial 😉

  2. Milk. I need it in tea, I like it on cereal. But give me a glass of the white stuff on its own and I’ll be utterly repulsed. So much so that I can’t even have anyone drink it in front of me. I gag just watching them. *shudders*

  3. Oh I totally agree with Sarah Jane on the milk in a glass thing. Heave. And pretty much most of mammapolitico’s list. Also carrot cake… Who the hell puts a vegetable in a cake? Just wrong. And courgettes… Just gross.

  4. Hi!
    I also hate all of those things, except, strangely enough, tongue! I’m rather partial to a bit of tongue (ooer!!), I shouldn’t like it really, it’s quite a distinctive taste and the thought of it should mean it’s vile, but it’s OK! But start chewing spearmint gum near me and I will freak out, I feel ill at the thought of it….and celery….and cucumber….me? fussy? 😉
    Debs x

  5. Kidneys. The smell of them, quite apart from the taste. Can’t be in the same room. S&K pudding or pie is my idea of hell…the K bit spoils the whole thing, even when I pick out the kidneys. Mega yeuk. But it’s not an Awful Offal loathing, cos I do like liver. Odd!

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