About the day your life changes forever

She says, by @mammapolitico

The day your life changes forever

“Life will never be the same again”

“You won’t sleep for years”

“It gets easier”

You were probably given loads of advice when you had your first baby, some of it no doubt from total strangers, and most of it probably completely useless.

Having your first baby is a time in your life which changes you forever. Finding out you are pregnant with your first baby or being told you are going to be a Dad for the first time is a moment that you will never forget. In truth you might not have reacted to the news the way you thought you were going too. You might have been trying for a baby, or perhaps it was an unexpected surprise. The baby magazines and blogs would have you believe things are immediately rosy, with shopping sprees for prams and nappies. Let’s admit it – the other side of the we’re having a baby coin is sheer panic at the responsibility looming and regretful thoughts about all the things you will now miss out on : drinking, clubbing, buying nice clothes, a tidy house, sleep, Sunday morning lie-ins – the list goes on.

I always say that there is a soundtrack to my life – when I stand at the pearly gates I’m hoping that it will be that music playing rather than a film of my life’s ups and downs.

Having my first baby who is now 15 and nearly a grownup had a soundtrack too – and here it is :

David Morales : Needin’ U

LL Cool J : Father

All Saint’s : Never Ever

Robbie Williams : Angels

More chilled out music the nearer to the baby arriving  and yes life has never been as chilled out since.


He says, by @ADadCalledSpen

There he was. All 6lb 7oz of him. And I was utterly clueless as to what to do next.

Hold him. After cutting the cord and taking a photo of the placenta (Yep. I did that. I hadn’t a clue what to do so it seemed sensible), and crying my eyes out seeing him in his mummy’s arms I looked over and I got The Look which said ‘Do you want to hold him?’ My ex was tired. It had been a long night and I was desperate to hold him. But I was scared.

What if my bad habits, low moods, dark introspection and the fears that my mind constantly create rub off on him? Immediately. Through contact. He looks so peaceful there and if I touch him I’ll spoil him. I’ll fuck it up from the first moment.

The song came on the radio as I held him in my arms. I was shaking beforehand but as soon as I held him I stopped. It was as if all the bad habits, low moods, dark introspection and the fears that my mind constantly create suddenly disappeared with his touch. I was holding him but he was truly holding me.

Hello there I said. I stroked his head. It’s been a shite world my son, so many bad things have happened but the world you enter now is a glorious and beautiful place. Because you’re in it. I wish you all the best things, and please know that I’ll always be there for you. You are the most incredible and beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I will always think that and I’ll always tell you that.

We stood there looking out the window, me looking out at the snow falling on the ground making the world look clean and white and pure. Me holding this tiny, precious, beautiful creation that was now in my life. All that out there. It’s yours. The world is yours. And I’ll make sure it treats you well.

Things changed. His sister was born 20 months later. We had fun while I looked after them both full-time. We sang, we danced and we laughed. We still do. Things changed. Mummy and Daddy got divorced and life really changed for us all.

I’m truly blessed to be a father to two such amazing people. Every moment, every second with them is so joyous and yet I can’t understand how I’ve been involved in the creation of such perfection. I think that every time I see them.

It was The Greatest Day, and each day after that has been too, no matter what’s happened.  So thank you Mr Radio in the delivery suite. Thank you for soundtracking that moment so perfectly.


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