About Sex


She says, by @mammapolitico

That three letter word

So was it any great surprise when the population of Twitter was asked to come up with a topic for shesaidthathesaidthis Sex was immediately suggested. If ever there was a subject that divides the sexes then this is surely it ?~

The essence of this blog is we pull a subject out of the air and write about it. You, our lovely blog audience, get the viewpoint of a woman and the viewpoint of a man. As soon as you worked out (which probably didn’t take very long) that the subject of this post is sex – did you let your mind slip into the stereotype of female and male opinions about sex ?

I think it goes something like this :

The Man

Thinks about it all the time,

Thinks he isn’t getting it enough

Thinks everyone is getting it more than him and in a better ‘format’ than he is allowed

Thinks he is really good at it and every woman would have sex with him given half the chance

Would have it with anyone who offered (if he was drunk enough)

The Woman

Would rather do anything other than have sex or wants it all the time, at the right time because she wants to have a baby

Has suddenly got into bondage because she has read 50 Shades of Gray and wants to make things more exciting

Notice the list for a woman is shorter than the list for a man?

That’s because women don’t talk about, think about or do it very often.

Or do they ?


He says, by @ADadCalledSpen

Mmmmm. Sexy time. The sexy time. The sex. Mmmmmm. Sex.

For me it’s that moment when you look into someone’s eyes and know exactly what they’re thinking, and you both connect and know exactly what’s going to happen. Clothes on the floor, breathless moans, soft deep sighs and delicious fun, but that moment when you see it in someone’s eyes, before it happens, is the sexiest moment of all.

Two things massively influence how good it is. Who it’s with and how much alcohol you’ve had, but the latter is another post entirely. The former is simple. When you give yourself, lust and longing in each others eyes, and heartbeats in your mouth. There and then, it’s divine. And when you do it’s Fifty Shades of Something. Not in that sense but it’s never the same. Its always different and always good. For me at least.

Lots of aspects to it, obviously. Delicious and naughty quickies and long, slow sessions teasing each other to a state of bliss. Some, perfunctory, just to keep someone quiet. Apparantly people do that. Who knew eh?

We’re all adults here and so let’s just go for it. There’s many sides to this topic. I think oral sex is one which divides people. Is it better to give then to receive, as The Bible might say?

For me, yes.  Once you get the taste for it then… But, gotta be said, I had a girlfriend who’s feminine hygiene could’ve been better. There was the moment when she held my head in place and while my tongue was bringing her to a noisy climax I caught something in my mouth. A little nugget of tissue paper. What does one do at moments like that? Spit or swallow?

Of course, there’s another side to sex and that is that it can produce small people. I think they’re called babies but some have names. But this isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about raw, loving, passionate, deep, tender, utter, teasing sexiness like you’ve always wanted. Like everyone wants. Right now.

I just wonder how many people get that. Ever. I’ve had it, and I kid you not it was the best experience of my life. A Saturday afternoon of bodies entwined and kisses. Longing, love and utter lust. And then we went out that evening and came back and… well. More of the same. But with sleep and a cool and easy, slow and loving, tender and hot mutual moment. And another time. A Thursday afternoon. A wonderful day all in all. Started with a loving kiss and a look which simply said ‘I know we’re both scared but this is what we both want.’ Then we went for it and my God it was good. I can still feel it. I can still feel every touch.

Sex. It’s great. But maybe I’m saying this because I’ve got nothing but great memories of it, in the long and distant past. It’s maybe not so good when you see Karl and Susan on Neighbours getting all fruity at 5.53pm on a Friday. Or when you’re watching Shameless with your mum.

Sex. A big topic but what are you’re thoughts? Are you up for it?


Thanks for reading and please leave your comments and thoughts in our comments slit.


2 thoughts on “About Sex

  1. Sex is one of those things where you thing everyone’s doing it but you. When you’re a teenager, when you’re in your 20’s, a few years after you’ve got married. In reality no body is doing it as much as they say they are or doing it as much as they would like to if they didn’t have kids and had the energy. It’s one of those things though that when you get it right it can be amazing but I’d rather have no sex at all than bad sex! Love this new blog – it really gets you thinking.

  2. ok so I actually retched at the little nugget of tissue paper!

    to be honest we’re going through a bit of a dry spell at the moment, which isn’t very conducive to getting pregnant…and it upset me until the husband pointed out that everyone goes through dry spells. half of the problem with our own sex lives is definitely worrying about what other people are doing.

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